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05 January 2010 @ 07:46 pm
This is envyious's - FRIENDS ONLY- graphics journal because she got sick of having all the stuff she made in photoshop rotting away in random folders in her computer ;) (Why am I talking about myself in third person...?)

I will check that you know HOW to credit icons before I add you :) I've seen my work floating around, nameless! When here I am, obviously not nameless.

Well anyway, welcome to corset_diaries and I hope you have fun looking through icons or banners that I've made no doubt as a result of boredom or of procrastination from real life problems like, I don't know, homework perhaps.

Please credit corset_diaries whenever you take something and unless stated otherwise, most of my icons will not be bases ^__^ Love you guys!

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26 June 2009 @ 11:01 pm
My apologies to those who've friended me!!!

I had no idea no-one could see anything, XD soooo, you're all being friended back.

Thanks again for the support, I don't have photoshop on my new Mac but I'll try to get a new batch going soon on my old laptop :)

+ Envy
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05 March 2009 @ 03:45 pm

Hello dear watchers,

Unfortunately I'll be back in university next week and, well suffice to say that my workload has quadrupled and I'm getting a headache and heartburn (not to mention insomnia) from over thinking my life in the years to come XD

Hence the hiatus (my personal journal is in the same state).


Thanks so much for watching and and you're welcome to continue doing so, if you're patient enough to wait out my next post XP

♥ Envy
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